Don't become a victim of the service provider driven mental health epIdemic.

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Risk Reduction is your shield

Expecting a symbiotic relationship:

"What's good for me is good for you"

- Good attitude

Reality is an asymmetrical relationship:

"What's good for me is not necessarily good for you"

- Bad attitude

We are a creature of technology an innovation best described as a “digital platform specializing in mental health trust law”. We help people get the care they need if they are ever dealing with admission to a mental heath care facility.

The administrative structures used as examples on this site are based on the Province of Ontario  with Alberta and BC following suit. The principles are applicable globally. Additional jurisdictions in Canada, the USA and selected countries in Europe will be added as we grow with demand. 

What we do

Risk Reduction Vaccine

The objective of the mental health service provider is to develop a clinical pathway leading to wellness. The current error rate of 50% translates into patients who are victims of the service provider driven mental health epidemic experiencing a trajectory of tragedy.

Medical jargon utilizes the word “vaccine” for very specific circumstances, namely organic material introduced into the human body. These materials are heavily regulated with the research, development and testing before entering the medical market place.

We have created a “vaccine” to prevent Risk Reduction subscribers from becoming victims of the service provider driven mental health epidemic. 

Risk Reduction Vaccine Is inorganic:: nothing enters the human body.

Risk Reduction Vaccine Is paper, where law and procedures are utilized to protect the patient from becoming a victim of the service provider driven mental health epidemic. 

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Not-for-profit fundraising

Risk Reduction has allocated $150,000,000 for fundraising

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