To become an applicant for social media marketing consultant you must be a subscriber to Risk Reduction. Subscription fee is $15.00 +HST per year.

Being a subscriber provides lots of meaningful info about you … not a “scammer” … you’re a real person with financial records, email address , etc . Plus you will have the Risk Reduction experience to tell/show how we work.

Please note: If you do not become a successful candidate, Risk Reduction will fully refund your subscription fee and you keep your subscription for free for one year.

Utilizing Risk Reduction Vaccine means that you will be protected from the mental health epidemic driven by the service provider. This also means that you, your family & loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and community all face the same risks but you & they can protect themselves with Risk Reduction Vaccine. This becomes the starting point for your social media consulting. You start out small and very quickly your footprint grows.

The successful candidates can come from public sector workers ( & retirees) like nurses, teachers, bureaucrats, etc. who have access to footprints.

Plus, part time students who have social footprints, we can show you how to monetize your hobby. Generating a couple of hundred subscribers a month gives you $1500 monthly . Great part time work that you can do all year round.

Your payment method can be Pay Pal, Stripe, “e-transfer” which indicates a skill level.

Do you currently use social media? … which platforms … size of your footprint ( how many followers, which local area)

Compensation: Risk Reduction price is $15.00 you get 50% or $7.50 per subscriber . Generating 2,000 subscribers a month gives you a gross income of $15,000 per month. You’ll be paid each time you sign a new subscriber.

Taxation: Risk Reduction will show you legally how to minimize your taxes. The Risk Reduction method reduces your tax payable by about half and with no with holding taxes you get your money before the government.

You following Risk Reduction’s step by step instructions, will be astounded with your success.

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