Trust Law is the basis for Risk Reduction’s process. Trust Law is a very big problem in our community when relationship documentation does not exist due mostly to the current interpretation of Privacy Law, where the antiquated notions, of spouse, parent or next of kin are no longer valid. You must have the appropriate documentation to ensure protection of your loved ones from the service provider.

Risk Reduction has included from the Attorney General of Ontario’s web site, the two Powers of Attorney, both for Personal Care and Property (free, not for sale) that you need. Just print them and fill them out and file away with your other important documents. You can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by filling out these forms yourself.

If your loved ones get caught with all the laws against them by not filling out the free legal documents, you have become an enabler to their troubles.

If you have problems just email Risk Reduction using and we can show you how to do it.

Divorce has lead to non-traditional family relationship. Officially adopting children, no longer protects them. It is less expensive and more powerful to provide Powers of Attorney. Plus it’s a “nice” gesture for becoming part of a new family.

Continuing Power of Attorney for Property

Power of Attorney for Personal Care

Specific and Conditional POA Jan 2019