The delivery of health services are decided not by needs but by discretion of leadership. When occupants possess personal integrity where they accept the consequences of their actions there is a check and balance. Without personal integrity, checks and balances don’t exit.

Governments / Politicians follow “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” where well organized groups lobby their special interest e.g. farmers, teachers, policing, medicine, etc., but the disorganized, disenfranchised are victimized. The mental health patient & family community are very vulnerable to victimization. When the government of the day is elected on tax cuts which translate to spending cuts the mental health patient & family community is denied needed funding with all the negative consequences. The leadership doesn’t accept responsibility and further doesn’t disclose to the victims the real jeopardy that they have been placed into.

Leadership’s Bad Attitude, culture of failure and deception further compounds itself into the down steam ward / patient relationship where failure is an option and “don’t worry. You won’t get caught! We deliver impunity for you”. What is the re-admission rate?

The patient’s pathway to wellness is blocked by the withholding of needed resources to pay for tax cuts.

Litigation is an important check & balance to professional misconduct but the medical union use legal techniques to reduce litigation’s positive impact. The patient must have a legal pathway that provides access to clinical pathway to wellness.

Risk Reduction provides the legal pathway to the patient’s clinical pathway to wellness by circumventing litigation and utilizing scrutiny to generate real-time access to medical protocol where failure is not an option, one subscriber at a time.

Following the lead of recently deceased US civil rights icon, Rep. John Lewis and VP Al Gore, Risk Reduction will produce “Good Trouble” and  “An Inconvenient Truth” to publically disclose the role of Bad actors via social media.