MHP Risk Reduction Inc.
Research & Development

The issue isn’t how we got here. 

The issue is we are here. 

The issue is how we get out of here.

Risk Reduction of Ottawa, Canada, utilizing technology and innovation, and privately funded, has developed products and services that have a positive impact on the delivery of mental health services for a Risk Reduction subscriber. At the macro level the positive impact changes the trajectory of care following the Risk Reduction mantra: Boost Efficacy; Boost Productivity; Boost Capacity; and Boost Value for money for the same level of nominal spending.

Risk Reduction carried out the classical horizontal market quantitative analysis utilizing eighteen different professional disciplines. From various types of law, micro & macro economics, management science, systems, digital world, medicine and others which evolved into the Layton Risk Analysis Equation. This equation defines risk as one (1) minus (-) the Application Rate of Medical Protocol. At the micro prudential level to keep the practitioner out of risk and at the macro level to keep the system out of risk. It also keeps the patient out of risk. Identifying the nodes and connecting the dots lead to the focal point of the psychiatric ward and the re-admission rates. Versus the qualitative approach of the self-serving terms of reference of the silo of care under the umbrella of a self policing predatory monopoly which lends it’s self to undetected errors of omission and commission.

Technology is critical as Risk Reduction is a “digital law firm” which serves to profitably accommodate the market price point of $15.00 (Ontario minimum wage) allowing for widespread participation without regard to wealth or class. Monopoly pricing for both technology and labour has collapsed to commodity pricing making it affordable and practical. Furthermore using machines and not hands dramatically reduces costs as there is no pay roll or income taxes which account for at least 50% of all costs of the orthodox law firm model.

Technology affords an innovative new method for enrollment that further reduces costs both direct and indirect.

Mental Health, as currently lead, has normalized the abandonment of Medical Protocol. Risk Reduction returns the system to Medical Protocol in spite of its lack lustre leadership and unfunded liabilities.

LAW: The new interpretation of old law has lead to the vulnerable to become more vulnerable. Integrity is accepting ownership of the consequences of your actions. This new interpretation creates all kinds of problems for patient, families, employers and communities. You have to have the wealth (it’s beyond the resources of most people to engage in litigation to defend their loved ones) to hire lawyers to protect your own.

Risk Reduction cancels this new interpretation by enhancing the vulnerable legal protection thereby enhancing efficacy. (Annual subscription fee $15.00). Mental health courts criminalize mental illness.

The mental health patient is considered to be competent to make their own decisions but by definition they don’t have the capacity as they are on a psychiatric ward. You having a family relationship (father, mother, sister, etc) no longer have any right to any patient info unless you hold a valid Power of Attorney for Personal Care. This is what Risk Reduction does but one step further. Risk Reduction has its own proprietary five step process leading to a second opinion previous to discharge thereby ensuring that you, the patient are receiving medical protocol.

Work Place Impact: The employer has great difficulty providing support for mental health patients. Most people don’t know how to support them. A big problem with the wrong clinical path is sick leave soon becomes exhausted and the employee will lose their job and all that entails. It just becomes a human tragedy, but the doctors escape the consequences. This negative multiplier effect is measurable and costs millions of unfunded resources. Risk Reduction provides a new event of positive multiplier effect where the right thing is done for the worker and the workforce saving millions. The best measure of Risk Reduction’s performance is the re-admission rate shifts downward approaching zero.

Employee benefits packages are routinely looted by service providers without any check or balance, Risk Reduction provides that needed check and balance, saving not only heartache but money. The employee benefits as care becomes “one stop shopping” with Risk Reduction’s motto: “we got your back”. The employer benefits as the case reaches resolution quickly and correctly.

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