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In previous market research Risk Reduction experienced confirmation bias by a variety of bureaucrats where “cherry picking” superseded objective & professional opinions. Current data is irrefutable. Any contrary opinion must be presented with verifiable and reliable data and analysis.

This is an overview of recent articles in The Economist plus Risk Reduction’s letter to the editor. This publication is world renown for its expertise and quality opinions for over 140 years. When The Economist states that there is a problem … there is a problem! The current problem is the failure of medicine to disclose accurate & meaningful information , especially in mental health.
One important role that Risk Reduction fulfills is measurement, one subscriber at a time which is not subject to medical authorities.

Here is the letter to the Editor-in-Chief of the Economist.

Editor, As founder & CEO of MHP Risk Reduction Inc. of Ottawa, Canada, I’m introducing Risk Reduction.
As part of your health coverage, you seem to have the theme that the medical & mental health sectors aren’t too healthy. I very much enjoy your “graphics” section ( My compliments to the editor & staff.) especially with the ongoing pandemic. It seems that we can’t trust various governments at any level to be frank, timely and accurate with data reporting.
From your May 8th edition, “Unlucky 13”, my take away is that Risk Reduction’s R & D has been confirmed that “subjectivity” is a major source of human error. I applaud Dr. Niculescu & his team for their approach, their work and their product. Risk Reduction holds a very different perspective. We utilize law (Trust Law) and paper!
Please visit our website, we are very interested in your comments.
Thank you,
John E. T. Layton, founder & CEO.

Here are the links to the Economist.
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